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What else to do?


Quite frankly, ever since my daughter was born, most of my time I spend with her! However, I did some nice travelling in the past, which brought some really life-changing experiences. Feel encouraged to take a look at the picture gallery.


I have also created another gallery of my wannabe “art”. It is mostly composed drawings, which I extensively produced at all kinds of boring lectures or classes. All were made just using of a ballpen, but I’ll leave the quality assessment to you.

Hobby Projects

Even though my professional work is a 100% technology related, I still try to do some spare time hobby projects. Take a look!

Any last words?


I also enjoy martial arts, scuba diving, spicy food, playing guitar, English imported snuff and ’80s East-European rock, which none of justifies a dedicate page. If you feel like contacting me, good luck with a phone.

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